Thursday, February 9, 2012

God Knows What He Is Doing... You Were Not Rejected... You Where Set Free!

What a day the other day I flew in....tired and I wanted to go home to bed. But, God enabled me to make it to the Center to do what I love best... giving everyone The Ray of Hope of my Calling... Yes, you know it! JESUS... HIM ALONE... by action... more so than words! Because the center is faith based, the people who come for counsel understand that is all we have to give... His Love and acceptance. People are hurting and they need to be reminded: "NEVER GIVE UP... NOR IN! NEVER... give up on yourself, because God hasn't given up on you'. There are no hopeless situations, only opportunities to allow God to Show Himself Strong and Able.

'There she goes again... being positive...' I've been told and mocked. Well, don't get angry because I appear happy! And guess what, I am! Why... because it is a choice. So Get Over It! And Join Me. Fight for it, the next second is not promised. My happiness... and worth is not based upon what others think about me... or whether or not they love and accept me. It is based on who God says I am... and if He says not just me... that all humans are wonderful and fearsomely made... then that settles it.

Esteem... what esteem... my esteem is in the One person I look up...literally up... to... God, and in doing so it takes my eyes off of me, enabling me to see and want what He wants. And that is to esteem others... (not myself)... better than myself. In doing so... I don't have time to feel sorry for myself. I step back and look the enemy in the face and say... come on "Bring It". Because, whatever you got... God will enable me to use it. It will turn out for me good and a blessing to others. My motto is don't waste the pain, take those lemons, trails, disappointments and whatever blindsided situation and ask the the Lord to equip us to squeeze as much out of a lesson (painful or joyful) we can, to use it as a testimonial tool to share and bless another s soul going through similar circumstances.

So what is the one time word shared for today's lesson(realize I minister to mostly single females, and my word today was for singles). God knows what He is doing. You were not rejected, deserted, walked that man or woman by accident. In fact, they and you may have thought they rejected you, walked out of and cut you out of their life. But God was protecting you, knowing you were too blind, entangled and weak to leave them... not understanding the toxicity of the relationship. They were a negative influence and hindering you from receiving God's Best for you life! God need you to seek Him, to know Him, to love and understand His love for you, so you'll not accept anything less. Yes, settling in your heart to read, chew on, grasp and apply the wisdom of His word (get an easy to read translation of the Bible (God's Word is a good one or Amplified Bible). This will help you be restored, therefore, renewing your mind, you will learn how to love and be love, and never to settle for crumbs again.

Bottom line: Get Over Him... Her... Rejoice... Because there is a shaking going on, and God is separating the Goats from His Sheep. Sheep stop being clueless, let go, stop looking back (God can't release your mate, when your heart is all wrapped up, entangled with a goat from your past)and prepare yourselves for God's Best (and God would not give them someone strung out on another... the best doesn't need the competition)! Just Food For Thought! 
P.S. Today's lesson was basically for singles(realize I counsel (minister) to mostly single females. I would never tell a married person to leave their spouse, except to seek refuge at a crisis center if they were being violently... physically, mentally abused. And if a spouse walks out on them or deserted them, and their spouse were a confessing believer... then they are encouraged to pray to the Lord for guidance and direction. Seeking out wise marital counseling is good. I encourage them to pray for their wayward spouse's repentance and if they don't come back, then don't live under condemnation. They cannot control another, people have free will & choice. And though their actions affects others, they alone will have to answer to God. Therefore, if they do not return, the spouse who has been deserted need to understand God is merciful and does not punished them for the desertion. The woman or man deserted is not in bondage to a life of isolation and loneliness. God has many ways of restoring a faithful spouse life with newness of a loving marriage, if not with the return of the unfaithful deserter (proving themselves of being repentant and desire to be faithful from that point on)... then God can give the one who was faithful in their marriage and deserted... a new beginning. If adultery was involved, they have grounds for divorce. They are wise to Trust God for their future... even if it means marriage. Don't allow yourself to be destroy by the actions of another. Trust God, place your heart... plans into His care. God knows what He is doing. Blessings-Doll. 
On That Note... At the top of my list songs I use to minister to others, yes I've actually invite those I'm counseling to listen.... this to understand God is for them!

Monday, January 30, 2012


"The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That's the day we truly grow up."~John C. Maxwell
Wow, that is truly a liberating statement! BUT, ARE YOU READY...CAN WE HANDLE THE TRUTH ABOUT OURSELVES?

For me as a believer in Christ Jesus, I depend of the Holy Spirit to reveal the root cause of my issues... the truth about me (including my upbringing and the temperaments of family members). Such truth and exposure makes me free to decide to change by God's grace and not continue with negative habits or attitudes, not even the ones considered generational behaviors or family traits.

Yes, there comes a time when we are no longer children.  As adults we can no longer put the blame on the way we were raised or being a victim.  We don't have to be crippled by circumstances or behaviors of others, even our own.  We can be and need to be proactive in maturing and growing up.  By God's grace, we have help to be overcomers and practice self-control over our thought patterns, therefore, rejecting negative destructive thoughts (which inevitably could lead to negative behavior) and confess good over our lives and others.

Suddenly, looking into the mirror can be a beautiful experience.  Yes, it is truly a beautiful thing... to be free to CHANGE, you're never alone God is willing to help if just ask.  It is a beautiful thing to not to remain the same, but evolve... transform into the best person God has designed us to be, meaning, a blessing to others and ourselves.
"Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new". ~2 Corinthians 5:17
 Have A Fit and Fabulous Day!